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Paulina Vazquez

Mexico, 1997.

Graduated with honorable mention in Visual Arts from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving "La Esmeralda", Mexico. She was nominated by the same Institution for the National Youth Award, 2018. She worked as Head of Diffusion and Public Relations at the same Institution, 2020.

  This multidisciplinary creator has had three solo exhibitions  within Mexico City: "She is from Land, She is his  home "2019," Rosa Baladí "  2018 and "Rizoma, The one is part of the multiple" 2016.  He has participated in multiple multidisciplinary group exhibitions, the last one:  "Neonarrativas" 2021, in  Millenial Art México , Mexico City.  


He has collaborated as a film critic on sites such as  Girls A t Films ,  Filmemagazine and  FilminLatino

for the past two years. He is currently part of the FilminLatino team,  where he serves as CM. He collaborates as a film critic in  Light and  Fotogenia Podcast ; In the latter, she also works as Editorial Advisor.  

  His visual production explores identity through memory, the female body and the house. He uses the scriptural image and poetry as well as the three-dimensionality translated into textiles, ceramics, installation-setting and video as his disciplinary systems of enunciation.

  He currently resides in Mexico City.

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My work breaks down identity from the analysis of three conceptual territories: the female body, the house and memory, these being the reason for my research and artistic production.


  In my work, the oral and written word, the three-dimensionality translated into installation, ceramics, textiles, as well as audiovisual media are the tools that allow me to manually set and build the pieces that portray specific aspects that make up the identity.


With my work I seek to reflect - through an always intimate and poetic gaze - the multiple cyclical aspects that frame my identity through the ritual elaboration of specific pieces and multi-sensory environments. I am interested that the materiality, the invoice and the contexts of my pieces are always significant and congruent with the premise of the work. The construction of each piece is always a ceremonial, deep and introspective process that I consider fundamental and part of  each piece. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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