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The longing

The wait, the uncertainty and the indefinite impossibility of contact.

Cotton piece crocheted, made within the framework of confinement due to SARS-CoV-19  .

Reproduction of my  arms and hands, whose prolongation allegorizes  the anguish and despair that implies  stay  waiting  on the  uncertainty.


I think of the hands as the means to touch, caress and feel as well as the arms that support, embrace and protect for what  are placed in a  position that prevent them from performing  the shelter and the contact-characteristics intrinsic to the textile-.  This piece is always open, extended, waiting.

La añoranza .JPG

Dictionary of the Spanish language © 2005 Espasa-Calpe:


- longing

  1. F. Nostalgia or feeling of sorrow caused by the absence, deprivation or loss of a very dear person or thing:
    I long for the time we spent together.

Paulina Vazquez

"The longing", Mexico  2020.

Video registration of textile piece

1.14 min.

Paulina Vazquez

Longing, 2020.
Cotton yarn crocheted.
19 x 200 cm

The longing


Today that I can't touch you  

that I want to stretch so badly.  

Today that it is dangerous to hug,  

it is all distressing.

Patience is asked

-I do not have experience-;
keep calm,

do not eat cravings.

I like longing
and it's that big, it's that long.


Paulina Vazquez

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