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Declaration of Principles

My work breaks down identity from the analysis of three conceptual territories: the female body, the house and memory, these being the reason for my research and artistic production.


  In my work, the oral and written word, the three-dimensionality translated into installation, ceramics, textiles, as well as audiovisual media are the tools that allow me to manually set and build the pieces that portray specific aspects that make up the identity.


With my work I seek to reflect - through an always intimate and poetic gaze - the multiple cyclical aspects that frame my identity through the ritual elaboration of specific pieces and multi-sensory environments. I am interested that the materiality, the invoice and contexts of my pieces are always significant and congruent with the premise of the work. The construction of each piece is always a ceremonial, deep and introspective process that I consider fundamental and part of  each piece. 

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