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Mare excarmin

"Weaving as an accompaniment to death and rebirth".

Concentric cotton shroud, spiral knitted sea foam fabric, made within the framework of confinement due to SARS-CoV-19.

Its conception was a ritual preparation for and during psychic death. Through its fabric - which is also a six-month blog - the chaotic, spiraling and declining trajectory of the state of emotional equilibrium is described towards a total loss of stability and the sudden death of the soul in response to an environment. oppressive. 

This piece was woven in sea foam stitch, between violent waves of salt water that finally dissolved with that of the sea.  

"Each stitch was a drop of salt water and so I wove until I drowned in a sea. The fabric always sheltered me, even when I died."

Blog quote 2020.

Sea of scorn

I am the fish that suffocates in the net,

who gasps in exasperation and whips himself

harshly against his destiny.
Confuse the shiny hook

with the nutritious mosquito.


I drown infinitely

and I hit whoever approaches

I am a living silver knife,

from the starving dog the tooth.  

When they tie up the wild animal

to train him to blow and hunger

the animal finds its most violent cry,  

his insanity corrodes him, he rips his skin off.

In the apotheosis of his scream,  

on the cusp of his madness

it is the burned place

when you know without composure.

His fury gradually subsides

not in the absence of rage, but anemia.  

the climax arrives,

when it is allowed to die  

or he bends his neck to hunger.  

Paulina Vazquez

Paulina Vazquez

Mare excarmin, 2020.
Concentric Shroud
  woven cotton  to crochet.
  cm of  diameter

This piece was woven in sea foam stitch, between violent waves of salt water that finally dissolved with that of the sea.  


First I understood the textile stripped of its quality of care and shelter; like a net that traps life and suffocation, as a witness to the whipping and the wound.  The materialized net that strangled me on the one hand and on the other held me back from falling. 

The semantics of the fabric depends on its context. That is to say that its symbolic meaning is always in relation to the environment in which it exists and the use that is given to it. About me as a network it represented derision, the progressive and spiraling collapse, death.  

Below me is the support that managed to cushion the fall, the fabric that contains me and in the distance, in the sand, it was only memory. In perspective it was nothing but sea foam.

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