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Weaving Voices: Women Artists and Night Poetry

Sound fabric.  

This collaborative piece was made in commemoration of the artist's 23rd anniversary. It presents a compilation of forty-two woven voices of female artists and collaborators from multiple disciplines, as well as family and friends, reciting the poem "Los amigos" by Rosario Castellanos. The construction of this sound piece was carried out in order to emulate the progressive structure of a crochet fabric.

Tejiendo voces, mujeres artistas y poesiPaulina Abril Vázquez Reyes
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Weaving voices, 2020.

Sound fabric

Mp3 format

9.56 min.


Beatriz Martina Lidia García Trejo

Beatriz Reyes Garcia

Carolina Reyes Garcia

Judith Reyes Garcia

Pamela Aguirre Perez

Fatima Aguirre Pérez

Natividad Yolanda Buendía Campos

Elizabeth Vázquez Buendía

Laura Nelli Vazquez Buendía

Cristina Arely  Saucedo Vazquez

Teresa Olmedo Zavala

Daphne Arevalo Flowers

Estefania Quintana

Laura Muciño

Lorraine Olmedo

Samantha elizabeth

Maria del Socorro (Sukuri)

Mariana gonzalez

Ilse monroy

Karen Ramirez

Juliet Montiel

Ana Galán Souto

Frida Frías Villanueva

Airam Castle

Anabel Ortega

Karen González Basurto

Bianca Ashanti Santos

Sharely Guadalupe Cuellar Peláez

Ana Rosales

Calafia Martinez

Laura miranda

Elsa monroy

Lourdes noriega


Yoloxochitl Lima

Vianney galan

Alba Yañez

Karen Galán

Mariel Alejandra Gutierrez Cedillo  

Paulina Ruiz Toledo

Paulina Abril Vazquez Reyes

Captura de Pantalla 2020-05-06 a la(s) 2


In the shade of the tree,
like someone who is weaving a garland,
we intertwine our songs.

We were gone
and lo and behold, we get together again.

The one who came from the north
brought the violent red flower of the cactus.
The one who came from the east has his face on fire
the same as summer.
And we, you and me and those who are being born
and leaving the mark of his hand in the south
we are just like the wind that passed through the jungle,
fervent and fragrant.

Rosario Castellanos

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